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Keeping mothers-to-be and their fetuses in a safe, healthy and relax pregnancy period 

FabriXense is a privately held company developing touchless Unified Fabric Biometric Sensor for wellness & health monitoring in a way that it is Agnostic to the type of biometric measurement, subject’s clothing and environmental influences.


FabriXenseis developing a new wearable, continuous and contactless smart cloth for monitoring the mother-to-be and her fetus for having a healthy pregnancy period. Like with anything health-related, the earlier a problem is detected during the pregnancy and diagnosed, the better chance there is of a positive outcome. The smart cloth sensor receives signals from mom-to-be and her fetus and monitoring biomedical parameters that are reflected by tiny body motions such as fetal heartbeat & movements, woman's heartbeat, breath, blood pressure and Contractions of birth. 

The operation principle is based on unique (and patented) methods for measuring reflection of light going through optical fiber. Special artifacts are inserted into the core of the fiber and cause to two things:

(1) Interaction of the light with the wearer tissues as some of the light escapes from the fiber and then back reflected and coupled into the fiber again (while those back coupled photons can be detected)

(2) Realization of in-fiber interferometer that can measure with high precision movements and deformations caused to the fiber. The fabricated fibers like sensor can be thinner than the fibers used for optics communication and can be as thin as only few tens of microns. We are in the prototype stage.


We seek strategic partnership that will enable the company to complete productization and taking its first steps into the ‘real world’.


For more information, please contact Ronen Rozenshtein: 

email:, mobile: +972-54-4273465


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